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Hello and welcome to our Eco page. At St. Patrick's, we always look for initiatives to improve our school and outdoor environment and we are aware how our actions can impact the world around us. Last year, we worked hard re-establishing the vegetable patch in the school grounds. We also created a beautiful garden of reflection and an amazing bug hotel! We explored recycling and took part in an assembly to inform others about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. 


Please keep checking our web page to see what we are busy doing this year. 



Making Bird Feeders

Our Eco Council 2022-23

Hello and welcome to our Eco Page!



Here at St Patrick's we are always looking for ways to look to improve our school environment and thinking about how our actions impact the world around us. We are aware how this is an extremely important global issue and we want to help!

Our initiatives have included re-establishing the veggie patch, improving our carbon footprint and providing bird feeders and access to water for our birds during the winter term. 



Our Eco-Council 2021-2022

Stop the Pollution!

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Working on the Veggie Patch

Bird Feeders

Before October half term, we held elections to appoint two members from each class in Key Stage 2 to a new Eco Council. Many children put themselves forward. They created manifestoes, giving speeches and campaigning hard. All the staff at St Patrick's were so impressed with their ideas and proud of their efforts. We held a democratic election and the results were announced.

Eco Council Elections

Mrs Court then met with the new Eco Council. We shared many ideas for how to make our school even more 'eco-friendly'.  We came up with a short-term plan, simple changes we could immediately make such as encouraging each other to:

Reduce - Trying to reduce our carbon footprint by using less energy in our everyday lives. So turning off lights when we leave a room, closing the door, reminding teachers to turn-off electrical appliances such as projectors when not in use.
Reuse - Trying to make use of the things that we have already rather than buying new. So for instance use each side of a piece of paper, bring a re-useable water bottle and snack box to school, avoid single use plastic.
Recycle - We currently recycle paper, batteries, plastic bottles and toner cartridges and we will ensure these are regularly checked and emptied.


We made posters to introduce ourselves and our aims to each class. If you want to know more or have ideas or concerns speak to your Eco councillor.

Our long-term plan is on the agenda for our next meeting.


Eco Council from previous years

Recycling in Reception

Miss Brough in Reception S has been teaching the children all about the importance of recycling. The children sorted recyclable items according to their material and suggested ways in which we can re-use a variety of thing around school and the home. The children were then invited to use some of our own recycling to create a junk model. The children decided to make some Recycling Superheroes which tied in with our superhero literacy work.

Bird Feeders

The Eco Council have been busy making bird feeders for the Reception outdoor area using pipe cleaners and cheerios. The reception children couldn't help but get involved too! They've really brightened up the trees and we have seen lots of birds visit for a quick snack. They are so easy to make, why not give them a go yourself?

Bug Hotels

The Eco Council decided they wanted to create a bug hotel in the Junior wild garden area. They brought in items from home and collected things at school to create a habitat for our creepy crawly friends.

Fair Trade Breakfast February 2016

This year the whole school celebrated Fair Trade fortnight by hosting a Fair Trade breakfast in their classrooms. The children loved sampling the different types of food and extended their knowledge of what Fair Trade means and how it impacts the lives of others globally. The Eco Council have been delighted to see the lovely work produced over this fortnight - from football shirts and posters to leaflets and recipes. Thank you to everyone for taking part.

International Children's Day

The children in Year 6 took part in International Children's Day on Friday 11th November. They watched the video clip 'Do you see me?' and then created acrostic poems based on the subject of child neglect and homelessness. Their work was poignant and heartfelt. The teachers were incredibly moved by the classes' emotional response to this subject. Thank you Year 6.

Energy Month November 2015

The whole school have taken part in Energy Month this year. Our Eco Councillors have taken on the role of Energy Monitors at school and will report back to all council members at our next Eco meeting. Thank you to everyone who completed their energy detective surveys over the weekend.

World Animal Day 4th October 2015

The children in Reception have taken part in World Animal Day by going on a bug hunt in their outdoor area. In the Spring term the Reception children will also be able to look after some caterpillars and observe as they transform into butterflies and are released into the natural environment. Take a look at photos of this here and here.

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