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Anti-Bullying Week 2023


This year, we have been distinguishing between 'banter and bullying'. Keeping to the theme of 'Make a Noise!', we worked together to create a class rap.



Banter or Bullying? By 6S


Look around the corner, it’s just you and me,

Just a bit of banter, don’t take it seriously.

Don’t be a bully, or call people names,

It can hurt your feelings, it’s not all fun and games.

Stand up for yourself, you’re better than you think,

Yo kids out there… what do you think?

Yes, it really hurts, who should we alert?

Don’t bury all my feelings deep into the dirt.

Banter or Bullying – there’s a big difference,

Use your emotions- sort out the inference.

Just a bit of Banter, it could really hurt,

Don’t become a bully, that is even worse!



Remembrance 2023



Today we reflected upon Remembrance Day, thinking about all the heroes who are fought and fallen for us. We watched a clip from, 'They Shall Not Grow Old' to help put into perspective what soldiers were faced with. 

Hello Yellow 10.10.23


What a lovely day we had today! We started our day in the best way possible ... free time and connecting with our friends. A very tense game of chess was played but was very much enjoyed by all. 6S appreciated having some 'down time' and felt it was a special way to start their day. 


Our focus of the day was 'STAND OUT & SHOW UP'. We talked about what makes a good buddy and the tools that a buddy needs. 


St. Patrick's now has a group of Mental Health Ambassadors from Reception through to Year 6, who will act as well-being buddies on the playground. The ambassadors will wear a yellow lanyard so that they are easily identified on the different playgrounds.


6S felt that everyone deserved the role so the best way to choose was by drawing a name out of the hat. What a lucky name we pulled out ... Ava is now our Y6 ambassador and we know that she's going to do the most amazing job. She is patient, caring and a brilliant friend to all. We hope you enjoy your new role, Ava!



A day in History with Princess Anne

Starlight Charity - Today we created Christmas bunting, which will be displayed in Alder Hey throughout the Christmas period. 6S hope to put a smile on the faces of those children who are going through a tricky time in their lives.

St Patricks St Maries