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Walking Through the Jungle

Walking through the jungle
What can you see?
Do you hear a noise?
What could it be?

chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter

Over there,
Year ones
Looking at me!


We had a very exciting Jungle Day in year one. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Bowman in to tell us all about her amazing trip to the Peruvian Jungle and to look at her wonderful photographs.

We then listened to the story 'Walking Through the Jungle' and wrote our own pages and created a collage picture of our chosen animal.

Next we looked at a map of the world and found out where jungles can be found and researched what the weather is like there.

Finally we went on our very own walk through the jungle and found lots of jungle food to eat at our party including; worms (strawberry laces), leaves (spinach), crispy bugs (twiglets) and Jungle juice (um bongo).


St Patricks St Maries