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Tuesday 5th January

Good Morning Year 2,


This week we are learning all about information texts. What is an information text? Do you have any information texts at home? How is an information text different to a fiction book? Do you know any features of an information text? Have a look at the features of an information text poster. Did you remember all the features?

Task: Choose an information book from home or use an information book from the orange book band (Oxford Level 6) on Oxford Owl. Have a go at completing the worksheet. Can you find all the features in the book? Can you complete the rest of the questions.

Extension: Choose two different information books. Can you compare them? What is the same? What is different?

Remember just like in class, try your best and if you get stuck then miss it out. Have fun!

Remember to upload the work to this task and not to your files.

Have fun.

Thank you,



For our starter today we are having a go at some column addition questions. Can you remember the method?

Have a go at these questions:

  1. 45+32=   b. 38+16=  c. 72+32=  d. 60+43=  e. 39+28=   f. 54+37=

Remember to show your working out.


This week we are learning all about multiplication. Open the splat square. Have a go at finding the multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and then practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Can you spot a pattern? What happens to the tens number? What happens to the ones number? Choose another number that isn’t 0. Have a go at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s from this number.

Without looking at the Splat Square, practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Can you write the pattern down? Can you do this starting at different numbers for example 18, 25, 30.

Challenge: Using the Splat Square can you count in 3s starting at 0?

Task: Complete one of the number sequence sheets. Choose the sheet that is the right level for you.

Challenge: Read the statements. Can you work out which ones are true or false?

Remember as always to just try your best. If it’s a bit tricky just leave the question.

St Patricks St Maries