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Congratulations Councillors!

A huge well done to everyone who prepared and presented a manifesto for the Council Elections. Everyone did an excellent job and we are very proud of you.


Congratulations to our newly elected councillors! 


School Council:

3S: Penny B & Yves V

3P: Pearl B O’F & Patrick K

4S: Riley B-M & Darcy-Rose B

4P: Luca P & Raphael P

5S: Mary W & Ella H-K

5P: Molly M & William F

6S: Teddy E & Sophie G

6P: Joseph S & Olivia J



3S: Holly S & Charlotte M

3P: Alfie R & Teddy F

4S: Arthur B & Macie G

4P: Oscar H & Evie H

5S: Zachary C & Ella M-N

5P: Joshua P & Paschalis A

6S: Niall J & Charlie B

6P: Annabelle D & Pablo H-J

St Patricks St Maries