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Fratelli Tutti

SVP Christmas Donation 2021

In his recent encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’, Pope Francis sets us a challenge:


      “Each day we have to decide whether to be Good Samaritans or indifferent bystanders . . .   Will we bend down and help another get up? This is today’s challenge, and we should not be afraid to face it.”


During Lent 2021, we raised £340 for Mission Together, the Catholic Church's official children's charity for overseas mission. Mission Together supports children’s spiritual wellbeing and while we pray and fundraise for children overseas, children around the world are praying and sharing too, in an amazing exchange of faith and friendship.


Our gift will go to Myanmar, where Mission Together helps to run boarding houses in parishes in remote areas to support the poorest children who must study in state-run schools, far from home.


Nu Moe is one of them , she attends one of the boarding houses run by Religious Sisters, who offer a safe and nurturing 'home away from home'.  The Religious Sisters provide Nu Moe and the other children with food, uniforms, school equipment and basic care so that they can go to school. 



We thank Mission Together for producing such wonderful Lenten resources. Together, we have reflected on how we can help others using the Lenten liturgies, and popular interactive classroom calendar which highlights each Sunday’s Gospel reading and invite children to reflect on Jesus’s words and actions.


Lenten Calendar 2021

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