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CAFOD 2022


Lent is a time to be kind and do things to help others. 

In support of CAFOD’s mission to stamp out hunger, especially for the 200 million children across the world who are at risk of malnutrition, children have been collecting money in their class Hungry Jars. Overall, a fantastic total of £551.79  has been raised.  


One small act of love can grow into something wonderful.

In October, we made personal pledges to help build a brighter world and make a difference. We are always thinking about the future of our planet and how we can Go Green.

CAFOD Harvest Fast Day October 2019


As a school we raised £297 and have bought a range of 'World Gifts' for those less fortunate them ourselves.

These include: 10 x 'Teach Someone to Read', 1 x water for a family, 3 goats that give, 1 chirpy chicken and support for healthy mums and their babies.


Well done everyone!

CAFOD Lenten Fundraising

During Lent 2018, classes have been busy fundraising for CAFOD and in total, £ 2049.31  was raised.

Classes will purchase the following World Gifts:


Reception classes raised £105.55 with the Hungry Jar and they wish to purchase a cow.

Year 1T raised £53.20 dressing up and will purchase water for a family.

Year 1P raised £53.52 and will purchase water for a family.

Year 2 raised £48.00 and will purchase a donkey.

Year 3G raised £228 from a sponsored dance and will purchase 2 goats, 1 community toilet, water for a family, chirpy chickens and care for a healthy mum and baby.

Year 3B raised £85.28 and will purchase a school gift

Year 4 raised 101.15 with the Hungry Jar and £36.55 from Breakfast with God and will purchase a school gift

Year 5 raised £145.55 and will purchase water for 2 families and 2 goats

Year 6P raised £729 from a Fun Run and £78.51 from the Hungry Jar and will purchase a community water supply.

Year 6Mc raised £385 from a Fun Run and will purchase training for a vet, a chicken breeding farm, a chicken coop, a goat, a cow, teach 3 people to read and 3 school starter kits.


£355.31 school gift from Years 1, 3B, 4, 5 and 6P

A bountiful greenhouse @ £220

2 donkeys and a goat


2 cows @ £100 = £200

3 donkeys @ £49 = £147

6 goats @ £28 = £168

Chirpy Chickens @ £20

A chicken breeding Farm @ £80

A chicken coop @ £56

A bountiful greenhouse @ £220

A life saving gift of fresh Water for 5 families @£33.00 x 5 = £165

A community water supply for a whole village @ £750

1 community toilet @ £85

Care for healthy mum and baby @ £30

Training for a village vet @ £65

Teach 3 people to read @10 = £30

3 school starter kits @7 = £21


Grand total spent £2037

St Patricks St Maries