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Sons of Divine Providence

Fr Martin and Joseph Tipping visited us in May 2019 and recently in January 2020. We were pleased to hear that the money we raised as a school at Christmas has helped many children in terms of education and health. 

During the Lenten season, we raised more money through our Class Hungry Jars and have been able to continue our support for the 'Feeding Programme' in the Philippines. We look forward to seeing Fr Martin again in the near future.

Fr Martin's visit from the Philippines

At Christmas our School and Eco-Councillors sell pots of spring bulbs to support the work of the Sons of Divine Providence in India and the Philippines. This year they raised £360.


We receive a newsletter from the Philippines and our Year 4 children have written letters to the children and have sent photographs. 

The Sons of Divine Providence is a Roman Catholic religious congregation founded in Italy in 1893 by St. Luigi Orione. The Congregation takes its inspiration from its founder whose motto was: 

"Do good to all; harm no one".


At the beginning of February 2018, we received a personal thank you for the money we raised. We will continue to support the work of these good people.

St Patricks St Maries