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Welcome back - I hope everyone has had a restful half-term and a chance to re-charge!


The next few months are incredibly busy at school, starting with Parents Evenings (27/28th February.) You should have received an appointment before half term and I look forward to discussing the progress your child has made, so far, this year. If you are unable to keep your appointment please let school know as soon as possible.

Ash Wednesday is on the 6th March and we will be gathering as a school, with Fr. John, to celebrate this special time and the start of Lent. We will be encouraging the children to reflect and to think about what they can  'do' during Lent to help make our community a better place.

Our St. Patrick's celebration will take place on the 15th March - a fun time for us to commemorate St. Patrick and reflect on his story. 


As always, feel free to contact school if you ever have any worries or concerns.


Miss McAteer



Several queries have been made to the school office with regards to the SATs. The Y6 children will take the exams in May, starting Monday 13th. The exams stretch across the week, but are spaced out, so the children have time in between the tests: 

Mon13th - SPAG

Tue 14th- Reading

Wed 15th - Maths Paper 1 and Maths Paper 2

Thurs 16th - Maths Paper 3


We are working hard to support the children in preparing for these tests, but there are many ways you can also help your child at home:

  • Having a good breakfast on the day of the tests
  • Getting a restful nights sleep
  • Talk to your child, reassure them so they don't worry
  • Read every night - ensure your child not only reads, but understands what they are reading, encourage them to use a dictionary, as understanding vocabulary is very important
  • Stick to a normal routine
  • Play mental maths games (in the car, whilst out shopping - anywhere!) to help them with quick calculations
  • Get plenty of fresh air


There is still plenty of time before the exams and lots of learning still to do, but it's never to early to start a little revision!


Thanks in advance for your continuing support.


General Information


Children are asked to bring their reading book and diary to school on a daily basis as this will enable me to provide a comment  to inform parents when children

have taken part in Guided Reading sessions.  Reading diaries are also to be used by the children to record what they have read and for parents/carers to provide feedback, or make comments, on the reading they have done with their child.



We will continue to send spellings, English and Maths homework out every Friday to be returned to school the following Wednesday. Please encourage your children to complete their homework every week as well as reading each night (approx. 20-30mins). If you have the opportunity, discuss what your child has read to help them with their comprehension skills and to support their understanding.


Revising times tables will also help your child with key elements of Maths. If your child is finding homework a challenge please come into school so we can discuss it together.


P.E. sessions will take place every Monday and Wednesday, this term. The children will be enjoying tennis and cricket (weather permitting!) Please ensure a full P.E. kit is brought to school and that items are clearly labelled. 



A quick reminder -if your child has a medical condition that staff need to know about, please inform school as soon as possible. If your child requires an inhaler, or any other medication, please make sure it has been returned to school, and is not out of date. 


Contact Details

If you have updated your phone, or recently moved, please update your contact details at the school office as soon as possible.

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