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Welcome to Year 4 Mrs Neesam's Class


Summer Term 2019



Happy Easter, I hope you enjoyed the break with family and friends and feel refreshed for the start of the Summer Term.


This half term, we will continue to compare our coastal town of Southport with the Lake District and I look forward to sharing your projects based on a family day out to the Lakes.  You will have opportunities to use maps at different scales, relate photos to maps, study aerial views and look at land use patterns. You will learn to appreciate how some of these aspects have changed over time.


We will make vegetable soup following on from the work we completed last term on Seasonality. Our Art project will enable you to observe fruit and vegetables and produce observational drawings with charcoal. You will study the work of famous artists e.g. Braque, Caravaggio and Carl Warner and enjoy working towards a final composition using paint.


We will continue to study Europe focusing on major rivers and mountain ranges and each of you will research a European country in detail thinking about the climate, landmarks, currency, culture and population. Together, we will create a Europe display in class and celebrate our new knowledge.


The Summer Creative Geography Overview below features how subjects connect through this topic making it fun and exciting to study. 









Pupils are asked to bring their reading book and log to school each day as this will enable me to provide a comment to inform you when Guided Reading sessions have taken place. Please spend time with your child discussing the setting, characters and development of plot to further their understanding of the text. Children are encouraged to clearly note dates and pages read. Feedback from parents/carers is always greatly appreciated.




Homework will be set each Friday and should be completed and returned in the folder provided the following Friday. Weekly homework will include a Maths based activity to reinforce learning which has taken place during the week and a spelling activity. The children will be tested each Friday on the spelling words and they will be assessed each Monday on times table facts.




This half term, we have P.E. sessions each Monday and Thursday and our current units of study are Games and Gymnastics with specialist coaches. Please ensure full P.E. kit is brought into school and that items are clearly labelled.




Creative Curriculum Week- March 2019


We explored the effects of plastic pollution on our environment this week and have held interesting class debates. The story, 'The day the ocean went away' by Sam Haynes captured our interest immediately and we were saddened to learn that a huge amount of unwanted plastic is thrown away carelessly. This ends up in our rivers and oceans causing a problem to marine life. Scientists warn that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than sea life.


We have made a class pledge to use refillable bottles more frequently, to try and carry our goods in fabric rather than plastic bags and to generally recycle plastic with greater care.


In class, we created posters, wrote newspaper reports and a letter to our MP to raise awareness. 

Plastic Pollution Debate

Bug Hunting

Community Assembly February 2019

We had a great time marching together through the streets of Chester with our shields following a Roman Gladiator. We visited the Roman Gardens and the Amphitheatre where teachers fought for their lives using mighty nets and shields!

In the museum, we pretended to be archaeologists and studied Roman artefacts.

Enjoy looking through our photos.smiley

Our Roman Trip to Chester- Nov 2018

We enjoyed an Enrichment Curriculum Day at Stanley High in November. Our learning supported our current Roman Topic and we had the opportunity to analyse sources in History and design and make a Roman shield in Art and Design.


We plan to use our shields on the playground to practice the 'Tortoise Formation' and follow the commands of Mrs Neesam when lining up. I wonder who will make the best Roman soldiers?


Sports Ambassadors at Stanley High led Games activities in the Sports Hall for us to enjoy during the afternoon. It was a great day.

Our visit to Stanley High School- Nov 18

Year 4 presented their impressive 3d models and information sheets based on the Romans. Some of these wonderful projects included Roman Homes, Entertainment and  Roman towns. Thank you Year 4 for your hard work.

Roman Projects

St Patricks St Maries