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Year 6

Domestic Church - Family


Jesus told many stories to help his friends understand difficult things. His parables still have a meaning for people today. 

  • God's love is unconditional and never ending
  • God loves and cares for us during difficult times
  • We don't have to do anything to make God love us
  • Forgiveness is an essential part of unconditional love


Father, creator of all of all,

you 'ordered the earth' to bring forth life

and crowned its goodness by

creating family life.

Teach us the beauty of human love,

show us the value of family life

and help us to live in peace

with everyone. Amen.

Baptism/Confirmation - Belonging


As part of our exploration of 'Ordination' and 'Vocation', Year 6 visited Father John this November, at Church, to ask questions and learn more about the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The children were fascinated to learn about the life of a priest and how Father John recognised his calling to the Priesthood. Asking many questions, the children learned about how Father John was inspired, who helped him realise his vocation and what it takes to be a priest in todays modern society.

Discussing the ceremony of 'Ordination', Father John explained the Sacrament of Holy Orders and the symbolism of items received by the would-be priest during the Mass. He recalled how precious his own Ordination was and Year 6 returned to school with a deeper understanding of 'Vocation' and 'Ordination' and a greater appreciation of Father John and all that he does for our parish community.


Almighty and eternal God,

you keep together those you have united.

Look kindly on all who follow Jesus your Son.

We are consecrated to you by our common baptism;

make us one in the fullness of faith

and keep us one in the fellowship of love. Amen.

Vocation and Ordination

Advent/Christmas - Loving


Advent is a time when we appreciate the love in our lives and prepare to celebrate love becoming a reality in the person of Jesus. At Christmas we celebrate the gift of Jesus, given by God as a sign and expression of God's love. Giving and receiving reflects the truth that all life is given by God and life is given meaning through the gift of Jesus.

Local Church - Community


We have been looking at Sources - exploring different types of books and we are now considering how important the Bible is to Christians. We have discussed how the Bible is divided into two sections and how each part reflects a different element of Christianity. 


The Bible is important because it brings the reader or listener into the presence of God. It is God who speaks through the words of Scripture. Through Scripture, Christians are given strength and courage in their lives, not only to hear the Word of God, but to put it in action in their lives.

Eucharist - Relating


Jesus often spoke to his disciples about the importance of unity among them. He gave them the model of the unity between himself and God the Father.


Communion means 'being at one with'. The celebration of the Eucharist is a sign of being at one with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Lent/Easter - Giving


Turning away from sin is a form of dying; the death of selfishness, laziness, jealousy and so on. There are many ways in which Christians turn away from sin. Lent is a time to choose a new way of life and start again.

Pentecost - Serving


Jesus appeared to his disciples on a number of occasions after the Resurrection.

St Patricks St Maries