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Year 4

Over the next four weeks, we will focus on the theme of 'Serving' and explore the wonder and power of the Holy Spirit. 


What's so important about new life?


This is the Big Question we will reflect on throughout the topic. 

Acting out the story of Pentecost



At the start of the Spring Term, we learned about our Parish Community within Come and See and how we help to spread the Good News. We spent time exploring Parish groups giving reasons for their existence and their commitment to serving.


We love preparing for and celebrating Class Masses with Father John and the parish community and at the beginning of March, we celebrated our Class Assembly for parents, staff and pupils in our school. 


Sharon, is a Catechist and we invited her into class to talk about the important role she has.  She talked about the Children's Liturgy at Sunday Mass and we enjoyed reflecting on the special time we share in Little Church with her, Celiene and Janet reading the Gospel and discussing God's message. Each week, we have activities to do and we celebrate our new learning with the parishioners and Fr John. We always receive a wonderful round of applause.


Think about what the parish community would be like if no one offered to minister. We are grateful that so many people offer their services to St Patrick's and St Marie's Churches.

Catechist - Mrs Williams visiting our class

Eucharistic Minister Jim vising our class

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also called Confession, Penance and Sacrament of Forgiveness. It has been given to us to confess or acknowledge our sins, seek forgiveness and be reconciled to God and one another. It is like a bridge. It helps Christians to live as followers of Jesus, knowing that forgiveness leads to joy and peace. In this sacrament, those receiving it may be sure of the love and mercy of God.


We role played the priest saying the words of absolution. The priest raises his hands as a sign of God's love for us. 

The Sacrament of Reconciliation- Building Bridges

Through our Come and See topic, 'Serving' we explored the wonder and power of the Holy Spirit. We retold and role played the story of Pentecost when the apostles were all gathered in one place and they were filled with the Holy Spirit which in turn enabled them to speak in other languages and spread the Good News of Jesus' love.


We learned that Peter and John were courageous and strong men who were not afraid to speak out about the great things God had done and we were able to give reasons for their actions. 


St Paul continued this work and we imagined what he would have said to the crowds of people living in Rome, Philippi and Corinth. We wondered about his journeys and the hardships Paul faced. God's love kept Paul going and we try hard to continue his work today.


One of our favourite Come and See songs which we sing in class and at Mass is, 'Christ our Light.' 


Christ our Light, you taught us to love.

Christ our light, you're always with us.

Together we learn, together we grow, together we walk in your way.

In our Come and See topic - Giving, we created a dance to reflect the feelings of  those who visited the tomb and discovered it was empty, that Jesus' body was no longer there.  We tried to show their feelings of sadness and sorrow followed by their joy and happiness at Resurrection of Jesus.   

St Patricks St Maries