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Year 2

We loved asking Father John lots of questions.

Year 2 Come and See page


In Year Two we enjoy learning all about God and how to live like Jesus through our Come and See lessons.


Our Current Topic- 'Spread the Word'


Our new topic has allowed us to explore the different ways in which we can pass on messages to family, friends and people in our world. We've reflected on how messages can be easy and difficult to send and through doing this we have been able to ask and answer questions. As well as thinking about our own experiences, we have been learning about the special time when Mary and the disciples spread the good news about Jesus' resurrection. We have had great fun role playing and describing 'The Ascension'. In Year 2, we understand that Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit which helps to guide, protect and care for us, giving us the strength to live our daily lives. We are very grateful for this precious gift.  




Our Previous Topic-'Opportunities'


We enjoyed learning about the importance of making the right choice and how to do this at home and in school. This gives us the opportunity to ask and respond to questions about our own experiences and the experiences of others.

We loved finding out about the Easter Story and remembering how Jesus gave up his life for us.



Here we are spreading the good news about Jesus' life.



St Patricks St Maries