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States of Matter


This half term we are finding out all about states of matter.


We carried out a comparative investigation to look at the weight of a gas. We explored how fizzy drinks are made and then tested three different types to find out which was the fizziest. We weighed glasses of each drink before and after shaking/stirring to find the difference in weight and therefore what had been lost as gas. We had great fun working together!

Comparing gases in fizzy drinks


Isaac Newton realised that most liquids behave in the same way. They flow (also called viscosity) unless they are either pressurised, heated or cooled until they become a gas or a solid. 

Non-Newtonian are 'strange' liquids that respond in a different way to stress. 

We made our own Non-Newtonian liquid (cornflour slime) and explored how it behaved in different situations. 

Exploring a Non-Newtonian liquid

Our Science Display

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