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Relationships and Sex Education


Mandatory Statement


The Governors at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School have adopted the developmental programme, ‘Journey in Love’ to support the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education (R.S.E.) through the primary years across the phases.


Relationships and Sex Education is a positive experience of relationships rooted in the Gospel values, to help children accept and understand changes, developing the whole child.  It is essential for young people to learn about the nature of marriage, family life and relationships taught in an age appropriate way.  In catholic schools, RSE must be taught in the context of the Church's teaching.


'A Journey in Love' is a developmental programme resource suggested by the Liverpool Archdiocese to deliver RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) from EYFS to Year 6.


An aspect of the mystery of love is treated in each year group; children and young people are encouraged to marvel at the wonder and beauty of God's love.  This is reflected, at each stage of a person's growth in the primary years, through a series of suggested, progressive and developmental tasks, activities and reflections which focus on physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.



Reception - God loves each of us in our uniqueness

Year 1 - We meet God's love in our family

Year 2 - We meet God's love in the community

Year 3 - How we live in love

Year 4 - God loves us in our differences

Year 5 - God loves me in my changing and development

Year 6 - The wonder of God's love in creating new life

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