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Plant a Bulb

Year 5 pupils decided that they would like to plant a bulb to give to someone who was on their own at Christmas, so that 'when it blooms in Spring they will remember they are not all alone'.

The pupils asked Dobbies if they would donate some bulbs and Tony Coakley, a parent, donated the compost and the pots.  Despite the awful weather, as they were trying to do the planting outside, the children managed to decorate 70 pots and then plant hyacinth bulbs in them. The SVP at St.Patrick's organise a Christmas lunch in the Parish Hall for people on their own at Christmas so the children asked if they could distribute their bulbs as a gift. 

On the last day of term the children took the bulbs over to the Parish Hall in the pouring rain ready for the big day and left a Christmas card for them.

In the new term the children received a letter from the SVP saying how grateful evryone was and how much they had enjoyed receiving the gift from the children.

Many thanks to Mr.Coakley and Dobbies and to the pupils of year 5 for their hard work and their brilliant idea to remember others less fortunate than themselves at Christmas.

St Patricks St Maries