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CAFOD - Fundraising

During Lent our children were involved in a range of fundraising activities.  Each class organised there own activity; these included:-

Reception - Collecting coins- enough to cover the perimeter of the infant yard - £105.15

Year 1 - Dressing up - £106.00

Year 2 - Fun Day - £134.92

Year 3B - Pyjama Party

Year 3G - Just Dance Party - Year 3 raised £290.85

Year 4 - Breakfast with God (toast and fresh orange) £188.13

Year 5 - French Breakfast - £144.58

Year 6 - Sponsored Fun Run on school field - £1527.75


The activities raised a magnificent £2497 - a brilliant effort from the children who were so wonderfully supported by their families and friends.


The money has been used to buy a range of World Gifts from CAFOD:-

2 cows, 3 donkeys,

6 goats, Chirpy Chickens, a chicken breeding farm

a chicken coop, a bountiful greenhouse, a life saving gift of fresh water for 5 families, a community water supply for a whole village, 1 community toilet, care for healthy mum and baby. training for a village vet, teach 3 people to read,

and three school starter kits! 


This came to a grand total £2047; the remaining £450 has been sent to the Son of Divine Providence to support their work in the Philippines.



St Patricks St Maries