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50th Anniversary Celebrations

On 28th April 1968 St.Patrick's Catholic Primary School opened it's doors for the first time to children from the parishes of St.Patrick's and St.Marie's and Sr.Mary was the first headmistress.

This week we have been celebrating the anniversary learning about the 1960s - music, fashion, the World Cup, space travel and more.

On Wednesday we celebrated Mass with Fr.John and remembered all those who have contributed to the life of St.Patrick's over the past 50 years.  We particularly remembered our headteachers Sr.Mary, Sr.Paul, Mr Hogan and Mr Bevin and our parish priests Fr.Hickey, Fr.Tom, Fr Mark and Fr.John and also the many teachers and support staff who have made St.Patrick's the school that it is.

Today children and staff came to school in 1960s style clothes - what a fantastic effort by all - lots of flower power, peace, love and even Elvis made an appearance!!

The children enjoyed a picnic lunch on the field and then gathered in the hall to share what they had learnt during the week. Lots of music and dancing - the twist and the locomotion to name but two!!

It has been a lovely celebration of 50 years of life at St.Patrick's school.  Thanks to everyone involved - children, staff and parents...  Enjoy the photographs!!


St Patricks St Maries