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10th July 2020

Dear Parents,


We hope you are all keeping well and are looking forward to the upcoming summer break. Hopefully we will see some more sunshine!


We are currently organising school provision for September and are very excited to be welcoming all our children back. This has been a year like no other and we are very grateful for your ongoing support during the different phases of lockdown.


We are inviting all pupils back to school for one session before the end of term so that they can see their friends and their teachers before September. Hopefully this will provide some closure on what has been a challenging time for everybody. Attendance is entirely voluntary.


Safety and minimising risk for all are still key priorities so the following will be in place during children’s visits to school.


  • Children will enter via their classroom door and will be collected from this classroom at the end of the session.
  • Children will wash hands on entry to school.
  • Staff will supervise toilets to ensure only one child is in the toilet at any one time.
  • Children will sit at either end of the tables in their classroom and only use paper and their own pencil.


As part of the children’s visit to school, staff will share a video so that children have had an opportunity to see and hear from their new teacher. Our focus in September, during the initial weeks in school, will be on transition activities to ensure children settle quickly and feel happy and supported. Staff will be working closely together to ensure they have had a comprehensive handover, ready to welcome their new classes.


Arrangements for School Visits


Yrs 2, 3, 4, 5 – Children are welcome to come into school between 9.30am and 11.30am on Friday 17th July to spend time in their classrooms with their current teacher.


Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 – Any additional children who would like to spend time with their class are welcome to do so on the morning of Wednesday 22nd July. We will share more details regarding the arrangements for these year groups next week.


If your child would like to visit school on their allocated day, please confirm with their class teacher via the VLE or email the school office on .


Have a lovely weekend.

Childcare for Key Workers 13th - 17th July

Dear children,


We hope you are all keeping well and have enjoyed speaking to your teachers this week. Over the last few months we have all seen lots of beautiful rainbows in peoples’ windows. We know that many of you have created your own too.


Father John has sent a very special rainbow to share with you all this week. Try to go on the Rainbow Prayer Hunt and see how many different coloured items you can find.

I can pray a rainbow .........

Childcare for Key Workers 6th - 10th July

26th June 2020

Dear Parents,


We hope you are all keeping well and have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. We were pleased to hear the Prime Minister announce his intention for all children to return full time in September. We are looking forward to reading the guidance, which is due to be published next week as we work towards welcoming all our pupils back.


Class teachers are looking forward to chatting again with those children who are not in school on Zoom next week. Please check the VLE for details of the calls.


As outlined last week, reports will be sent out on 15th July. Following this, teachers will be in touch with children from their new classes ahead of the summer holidays.


Be assured, as we gain new information we will share it with you at the earliest opportunity.


Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and be kind.


Childcare for Key Workers 29th June - 3rd July

Friday 19 June 2020

Dear Parents,


Our teachers have really enjoyed speaking with their children this week. It has been lovely to hear how they are doing. Thank you all for your help with this. Class teachers will be in contact with children via email throughout next week and will be arranging Zoom calls for the following week.


We continue to follow and respond to guidance as it changes. When there are significant changes in Government policies, be assured, we will share them with you. Whilst we are looking forward to welcoming some of our Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children on Monday, those who are not returning remain very much an integral part of our school family and are at the forefront of all our thoughts.


We are looking forward to getting clear guidance regarding September, when we expect to see all our children back. With this in mind, we are currently organising arrangements for transition for all our pupils before the end of term as we all recognise how important this is. School reports will be sent out on the 15th July, as planned. We will update you further next week.


Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe and be kind.

Letter to Parents - Sefton Council 16.6.20

Childcare for Key Workers 22nd - 26th June

10th June 2020

Dear Parents,


We hope you are all keeping well and are managing with the ongoing challenges of our current situation. We recognise that juggling work commitments and home schooling is difficult and really appreciate your efforts in supporting children in their learning.


Work will be uploaded on the VLE for next week by 5pm on Friday. Please don’t worry if children are reluctant to complete certain activities. The work provided is designed to support learning at home but some families may choose to create their own learning opportunities or access activities from the wealth of additional resources that are available online. Everyone’s circumstances are different and finding what works for you as a family is crucial.


Class teachers have enjoyed communicating with children via email this week and they are looking forward to chatting with pupils next week on Zoom. They will be sharing details of the calls via the VLE on Monday.


We will be in touch next week, but if there are any significant changes we will share them as quickly as possible.


Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Dear Parents,


Please find attached a letter from Sefton Council, which we received this afternoon. As you will see, they have advised Sefton schools to remain closed, except for the children of key workers until 22nd June. Their explanation is outlined within the letter. The Archdiocese have advised all Catholic schools to comply with this guidance.


We recognise this will be frustrating for parents with pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, and especially disappointing for those children who were looking forward to returning on Monday. We have been working hard getting school ready to welcome children back. This plan will now be pushed back to the following week. Provision for children of key workers remains in place.


As we outlined prior to half term, teachers are communicating with all pupils through the VLE this week. Next week, teachers will be holding Zoom meetings again with all children. 


We will be in contact later in the week with further updates. We were keen, at this stage, to share information with you as quickly as possible.


Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Take care

Letter to Parents - Sefton Council 9.6.20

Dear Parents, 


Apologies for the delay with the childcare form for next week. We have been awaiting advice from Sefton. 


Many thanks for your patience. 



Emergency Childcare for Key Workers 15th - 19th June 2020

Dear children,


We hope you have had a lovely half term and have had some fun with your families. You might have seen some different songs over the last few weeks that are linked to Coronavirus and the wonderful work that lots of key workers are doing.


Father John has been praying for you all every day and is thinking of you very specially. He has shared a song by his great nephew, Oscar, who is going to be four in July. You can access it using the link below:


Happy listening!! smiley smiley

Childcare Arrangements for Key Workers 8th - 12th June

22nd May 2020

Dear Parents,


Many thanks for all the positive feedback we have received regarding the Zoom calls that took place this week. Class teachers loved seeing the children and many felt rather emotional as the children are so well loved and greatly missed.


Schools are preparing for phased reopening next half term, in line with Government and Local Authority guidance. We recognise that this is a very challenging time for families, particularly when parents are juggling working from home with home schooling. We are not uploading work during our two week half term break and hope that families are able to enjoy spending time together without the additional pressures that home schooling can bring.


After half term we are making some changes that we hope will be helpful for families moving forward.


Work will now be uploaded on the VLE each Friday at 5pm for the following week to give families more time to organise their schedules and fit school work in accordingly. We recognise that some families may choose to explore other activities instead of those provided on the VLE and fully respect this. Activities on the VLE are designed to support learning but are not compulsory. If you would like a hard copy of the work for your child/ren please email the school office. You are welcome to collect work from school on a Tuesday morning.


Class teachers will be communicating with children who are not attending school via the VLE three times a week to ensure all children feel supported and understand that although they are not in school at the moment, they are still very much a part of the school community. Class teachers will also be holding fortnightly Zoom calls or telephone calls with all children in their classes, who are not attending school, as we want to retain regular contact with all pupils.


The term ‘unprecedented’ has probably been used more since the outbreak of Coronavirus than ever before, closely rivalled by ‘uncertainty’. In these ever changing circumstances it is a huge challenge for all of us. We are preparing for the phased reopening of school on 15th June in the knowledge that there might be more unexpected, last minute changes ahead. One thing we know for sure is that we are looking forward to the day that all our children can come back to school safely.


Children: We are very proud of you and miss you so much. It is important that you stay safe because we want every single one of you to come back to school strong and healthy, whenever that is. We hope you have a lovely half term and have fun with your families. smiley


Thursday 21 May 2020

Dear Parents,

School re-opening update


Since our last update (14 May), the Government has published further guidance for primary schools. This has further clarified the guidelines they wish schools to follow when organising a phased reopening for pupils.


In response to this, yesterday, we shared with you a collective message from all schools in the Southport Learning Partnership (20 May).  We also uploaded a letter from Sefton Council regarding the proposed reopening of schools (19 May). Sefton Council has advised local authority schools not to reopen until 15th June at the earliest. The Archdiocese has advised Catholic schools to follow local authority advice and, therefore, the Governors have agreed that school will not reopen until June 15, at the earliest, and will plan on this basis.


Our previous update outlined some of the logistical challenges that schools are facing whilst planning to reopen. For example; the Government does not wish pupils to be in classes with more than 15 pupils. Until last week, nearly all primary schools were planning to reopen on a part-time rota basis for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, with a view to rolling out this approach to the other year groups at a later point. This would have allowed all parents who wished to, to be able to send their children back to school before the summer holidays for some schooling.


The Government has indicated in their latest guidance that they do not wish children to return on a rota basis. As a result, we are now planning a different approach for our school reopening. Once the Government definitively decide they wish to reopen schools (a final decision will be taken on May 28) and Sefton Council advise us that it is safe for us to do so, we anticipate reopening for our Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children.


Depending on the uptake, it is highly likely we will need to divide our children into smaller and therefore, more groups (or bubbles as described by the Government). It is unlikely that we will be able to offer the current 2-class per year arrangement. Inevitably, in these circumstances, many children will not be taught by their class teachers.


We plan to offer children in these year groups a place from Monday to Thursday. Friday will see the school undergo a deep clean although provision will remain for pupils of key workers.

When schools reopen, the Government does not wish for pupils from each group to mix with other groups (bubbles). Our specialist Health and Safety Officers have advised us that any pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who require a place on Friday (because they are children of key workers) should spend their week with the key worker group and not with their class. They cannot, for example spend Monday to Thursday in Reception, Year 1 or 6 and then join another group on the Friday. Provision for children of key workers remains in place, with the caveats outlined above.


We are busily working towards reopening in line with the Government’s plans following approval from the local authority. These plans are always subject to change following ongoing changes to Government policy.  Whatever happens, we know that school will look and feel very differently in the near future. Children in Y2, 3, 4 and 5, as well as those children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 whose parents choose not to send their children to school will continue to have work uploaded and will have weekly contact from teachers.  All this remains subject to staff wellbeing and availability.


We have undergone a comprehensive Health and Safety Audit with specialist professionals who have helped us to best prepare for reopening. Our detailed risk assessments will ensure that provision will be as safe as it reasonably can be.


None of us like uncertainty, and none of us want this for our children. However, as we stated last week, we want to be transparent with you about the guidance schools are receiving and the decision-making process Governors are taking. The primary focus will always be the safety and wellbeing of all of us.


Be assured, we will update you when we have further news.


In the meantime, take care and stay safe.

Dear Parents, 


Please find attached a letter from the Southport Learning Partnership regarding school reopenings. It has been agreed and signed by all schools in Southport. 


Dear Parents, 


Please find attached a letter from Sefton Council regarding the reopening of schools. We shall provide further updates tomorrow. 


Take care 



Sefton Council Letter for Parents

Zoom Calls 


18th May 2020

Dear Parents,

Children will receive an invitation today from their teacher, by email on the VLE, to join a Zoom meeting with members of their class.  The meetings will be in small groups and will provide an opportunity for the children to catch up with their friends and their teacher.

The invitation will include: the time of the meeting, a meeting number and a password.

Please help your children to join the meeting by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Zoom UK – you do not need to download Zoom to join a meeting
  2. Select Join a Meeting – tabs top right-hand on screen
  3. Enter meeting number – click Join
  4. Click on Open Zoom Meetings
  5. Enter password
  6. Click on join



Coronavirus Update 


Thursday 14 May 2020

Dear Parents,


You will be aware that last Sunday the Prime Minister announced plans for schools to reopen for some year groups (Reception/ Year 1 and Year 6) after half term. Moving forward, he outlined his wish that schools reopen for all pupils before the summer holidays.


The Government subsequently published guidance on Monday designed to explain how primary schools can reopen safely. (See below)


In spite of these publications, there remains a great deal of uncertainty and there are huge implications for all of us as we try to organise our provision.


There is some clarity: for example, the Government has announced that class sizes must not exceed 15. Obviously, if pupils are to be limited to a maximum of 15 per class, and the Government want all children to attend school, then we have a challenging equation to complete. By implication schools would either need twice as many classrooms and teachers or they will only be able to offer a part time provision. A full time offer for all pupils is not an available option with the current guidance.


Additionally, the Government has said that some children may need to be educated at a different setting. This is clearly something we would not wish for and we will be working within the parameters set by the Government to ensure we avoid this.


We are currently working with other schools across Southport and Sefton to better understand and help us to plan more effectively to implement the Government’s expectations. Meetings have been taking place this week and these will continue into early next week, including with Public Health England. As a result, we won’t be in a position to provide greater clarity until next week.


Early indications from Sefton (and Liverpool) suggest that, initially, the most common approach being taken by primary schools is that pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be invited to school for 2 days per week. This will allow pupils to be taught in classes of no more than 15. Schools would be closed for 1 day per week (except for children of key workers) so classrooms can undergo a weekly deep clean. As and when it is safe to do so, this approach will be rolled out to the other year groups. For those pupils not attending school, teachers will continue to provide work on the VLE and will hold weekly Zoom meetings. There will be additional changes to the school day such as arrangements for playtimes and lunchtime provision.


The Government has indicated that attendance will not be compulsory and there will not be fines for parents who do not wish to send their children to school. No one who chooses to continue to keep their children at home will be criticised and work to complete at home will continue to be provided.


We are not yet able to give you any more clarity at this stage, however, as the Government has advised, they are currently working through the detail of these plans with local authorities and relevant agencies and guidance continues to change on an ongoing basis. Nonetheless, we felt it would be helpful to share with you where we are and how we are dealing with these circumstances.


We continue to recognise and appreciate that you are all working hard as parents and as members of our wider community to play your role in staying safe and protecting each other. We remain indebted to all key workers for their incredible service in so many areas, for the amazing work they undertake.


These circumstances are unprecedented. None of us have ever faced such challenges and we are all working hard to provide the fairest but, above all, the safest provision we can for all of our children. Their health, indeed all of our health, is the only thing that really matters right now. It isn’t an easy time for any of us and, moving forward, we won’t be able to please everybody but we will always endeavour to be open and transparent in our decision making whilst working with the parameters provided.


Finally, teachers will be organising Zoom meetings with our children next week. Details will be sent out on Monday.


Thank you all for your patience and for the kindness and understanding that so many of you have shown us. 



Implementing Protective Measures in Education and Childcare Settings


Opening Schools and Educational Settings to More Pupils From 1 June: Guidance for Parents and Carers






7th May 


Dear Parents, 


We hope you are safe and well. We are missing you all, especially our children and look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as it is safe to do so. 


Like you, we are expecting further guidance from the Prime Minister on Sunday. We anticipate this will include information about arrangements for schools. We will be in contact with you all by the end of next week to outline any changes and how they will impact on our school moving forward. 


Thank you all for your continued patience and wonderful support during this challenging time. 

Coronavirus - Key Worker Childcare Provision

We cannot stress enough - this childcare is last resort care.  It is about doing all that we can to suppress the virus, it is not about letting everyone carry on as normal. Even if you are a key worker, the Government has been very clear, if you can keep your child at home, you should do that.

If we become aware of someone abusing the system, we will reserve the right to withdraw the care for that family.

Remember, this is about responding to a national emergency and everyone needs to play their part.

Schools Health Team


Updated Guidance 


All of the Department for Education’s coronavirus guidance for educational settings can now be found in one place on GOV.​UK:

FSM Food Hamper 


Families who are eligible for FSM and would like a food hamper, please let the school office know by email ( by 9am on Monday  20th April. 

The hampers will then be ready for collection  between 11am - 1pm.


Please note that, under current Government guidelines, this does not apply to children in Reception and KS1 who receive Universal Free School Meals.


Tuesday 14th April 10.57am

Easter Message

Free School Meal Arrangements W/B 6th April 2020 (2.58pm 31st March)

Tuesday 24th March (3.10pm) Letter re Key Worker Childcare

Monday 23rd March (3.10pm) LETTER FROM SEFTON LA TO PARENTS

Key Worker Information (Friday 20th March 2.55pm)

Friday 20th March (3pm)


School lunches and free school dinners

As you are aware the school is obliged to provide a meal for those eligible for free school meals. For those children not attending school, from Monday a packed lunch will be available for collection from the school office from 11.30am – 1.00pm for those who wish to collect it.


If required, the kitchen can provide a packed lunch for the children of key workers in Key Stage 1 on the days they attend. Children of key workers who attend in Key stage 2 must bring their own packed lunch.

Friday 20th March  (12:15pm)

Dear Parents,

Thank you to those of you who have emailed school to indicate you are a key worker. We will communicate with you further later today.

There will be a letter available with all of the relevant information, on our website for you from 2.30pm today regarding next week.

Friday 20th March (10.30am) - home work for pupils

Thursday 19th March (9.45pm)


We understand the list of Key Workers will now be published tomorrow.  We will update the website as soon as this becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

Thursday 19th March


Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you all for your patience in these challenging times. As you know our school will close for the vast majority of our pupils tomorrow, until further notice. The government have announced that schools will be open for specific children, including those whose parents are classed as key workers. We are currently awaiting guidance from the government over their criteria for a key worker.


When this criteria has been confirmed, please email the school( if you are a key worker and will be sending your child to school. We would greatly appreciate it if you could email by 8.30am tomorrow morning, as this will help us as we try to make plans for the upcoming weeks. In the event you are working part time, we would be grateful if you could advise us of which days you wish your child to attend school. We recognise that this may change on a weekly basis.


There is a great deal of uncertainty at the moment and we are keen to provide as much clarity as we can, as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we will upload the arrangements for providing children with work by 2.30pm tomorrow.


In terms of wider communications, we will continue to update the website as we learn more. We will provide an update again on Monday afternoon. When there are updates on the website we will text you to ask you to check the website.


Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Wednesday 18th March


The KS1 class Mass due to take place in St.Patrick's church on Tuesday 24th March has been cancelled.

Tuesday 17th March


La Fiestaval, involving some Year 4 pupils and due to take place at Greenbank High School, has been cancelled.

Tuesday 17th March

Dear Parents / Carers


Yesterday we received new and direct guidance from the Government to ensure we are protecting ourselves and the communities in which we live.


We will remain open until advised otherwise by Public Health England or it becomes logistically impossible to do so. As a school we have a duty to ensure we continue to provide education for our students, and to protect the most vulnerable in our community and support our families.


The latest current guidance and advice is:

"If one person in any household has a persistent cough or fever, everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days."


It is important that all in our school are following this advice to restrict any possible transmission of the virus.


If you are concerned about the transmission of the virus at home due to family members having serious, underlying health issues, family members living in the household who are over 70 or if members of your household are pregnant, the advice at this time would be to self-isolate.


Please see this important advice regarding vulnerable group and social distancing:


We are getting updates from the DFE with regards to the Coronavirus. Due to the fast-evolving nature of this situation, however, it is important that you use the following link to the UK Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page for the most up to date information. You can access this information by clicking the link below:


 If you have any questions, please contact the school office or contact NHS 111 for medical advice.  


Thank you for your continued support for our school and community.

Monday 16th March

Dear Parents,

As you aware, we are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please follow the guidance from Public Health England. If any members of your family display symptoms, please keep your son/daughter at home for 7 days. All absences are authorised at this time. 

We are taking actions in school to minimise the risk as much as is possible and following guidance. With this in mind, we are postponing all our school celebrations for tomorrow. We will celebrate our feast day later in the school year when it is safe to do so. We are also cancelling all whole school events until further notice.

If you plan on keeping your son/daughter at home, please email school on where possible or call the school office. 

Be assured, we will update you as we receive further information. 

Monday 16th March

Dear Parents,

In light of recent developments we have cancelled the Easter production for Years 3 and 4.

I know our children will be disappointed, however, the well-being of our children, staff and families is paramount.

Thank you for your support.

St Patricks St Maries