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Art,craft and design

In the academic year 2013-14 the role of the Art & Design co-ordinator has been to promote the subject throughout the school.  This has involved teaching art & design from Year 2 to Year 6, planning projects in collaboration with class teachers.  Areas of focus have been selected from:-


  • The Creative Curricumlum e.g. The Victorians (Yr6)
  • Science Topics e.g. Healthy Eating
  • Discrete studies - Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'


depending on the needs/ arrangements of the year group.
Each year group has studied several famous artists, their work and their techniques.

A selection of the studies are as follows:-

Year 2 : Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Healthy Eating
             Paul Klée - Castles
             Cézanne - still life with plants and flowers
Year 3:  Henri Rousseau - The Rainforest
             Raoul Dufy - Seascapes
Year 4:  Michaelangelo - Romans
             Farid Belkahia -African Art
             Van Gogh/Monet   - Still Life                
Year 5:  Hans Holbein/ Picasso
             David Hockney - Garden Design
Year 6   William Morris - Victorian Home
             Henri Matisse - Europe
             Mark Rothko - Contrasting

Pupils are assessed every half term and the key areas of:-
  1. Exploring/developing ideas
  2. Investigating and Making Art
  3. Evaluating/developing work
are looked at. Details are recorded and an individual assessment profile is kept for each pupil.

Art & Design events include:-
  • Regular whole school exhibition
  • Visits from Mr.Lofthouse, a local professional artist.
  • Visit  to Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport
  • a school-based workshop on L.S.Lowry by an artist from the Lowry Centre, Salford Quays.
St Patricks St Maries