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Art Exhibition 2012

Art Exhibition 2012




In Reception we have been looking at the story of the Little Red Hen.  We made paper bag puppets to act out the story. We painted animal footprints in our outdoor area and we made a junk model hen house using boxes and kitchen roll tubes. We made large collage representations of the characters.

We also had the opportunity to work with the ‘ SPLAT’ team.  We painted some woodland animal murals for our wild garden using special acrylic paints.

Our work is on display in the hall and in the Reception Play Area.



Years 1 and 2


Our topic this term has been’ Happily Ever After’ with the main focus being Traditional Tales, History and Art.

The topic started with us dressing up as our favourite character from a traditional tale.  We then read a variety of different tales and enjoyed taking on different roles.  Finally, we wrote a traditional tale with a twist!

When ‘SPLAT’ visited, we had the opportunity to paint 3D figurines from some of the traditional tales we had investigated.

Within history lessons we looked at castles, traditional games from the past and royal clothes and jewellery.  We also really enjoyed investigating armour and weaponry used in the past.  We designed, made and evaluated: - royal headwear and jewellery, castles and shields.

We enjoyed looking at two artists from the Tudor period, famous for painting royalty.  We then posed for a photograph and made a royal portrait of our own.

All the stories and artwork can be seen in the hall, infant area and in the classrooms.


Year 3


As part of the Creative Curriculum, during the Spring Term, the children have been learning about Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest. 

Pupils have been given the opportunity to discover interesting facts about Brazil and also about life in the Amazon Rainforest. They have learned about the life cycles of plants and what is needed to help plants grow. 

The children have studied the different animals and species that live in the Rainforest and have created their own repeating patterns in Art. As part of their Design Technology topic, the children have used their new knowledge of the different animals and species that live in the Rainforest to design and create their very own MOVING RAINFOREST MONSTER!  Year 3 pupils have also looked at Mardi Gras and have held their own carnival celebration!

Year 3 also worked with the SPLAT team to create their giant Olympic torch which is on display in the hall.

You will find Year 3 artwork on display in the hall.



Year 4


This term we have been studying Kenya and focusing on human & physical geography, African music, Art – landscapes in Kenya, Tinga, Tinga art and designing and making African pots.  We will also be visiting Browns’ Ceramic Café on Friday when we will be designing an African tile based on our Tinga, Tinga art.  Literacy – stories from another culture inspired by Tinga, Tinga.  We recently started our Design & Technology project – designing and making African masks.

Year 4 display in hall – 4S in class Africa/Kenya topic wall – Y4N outside classroom – Kenyan landscapes – outside ICT suite – Batik wall-hangings


Year 5


Year 5’s topic is ‘Australia’. We were intrigued to discover the coastal city of Southport in Queensland which is a thriving tourist spot, full of cafés, shops and places to visit, including a yacht club, water sports area and theme park. Needless 

to say these Southport residents enjoy considerably more sunshine and far less rain than we do!

We collected photographs, postcards, tourism leaflets, boomerangs, cork hats… and a lovely selection of cuddly Australian animals to display in class. To begin our Cultural Arts Week, we listened to Aboriginal Dreamtime creation stories, such as ‘Why the Crocodile Rolls’ and wrote our own versions, e.g. ‘How the Snake Became Venomous’. We enjoyed acting out the stories to bring them to life in our Literacy Drama lessons.

Aboriginal dot paintings gave us the opportunity to study the culture as well as mastering new art techniques. We created our own rock paintings, stone creatures and even made full size didgeridoos! Aborigines had no formal written language, so art was used to pass down events and symbols from one generation to the next. Stories and pictures are therefore essential in keeping their culture and heritage alive.

You will be able to see us modelling our Australian themed t-shirts painted with the help of Vicky, from ‘Splat Creative’.  It was great fun… and well worth all the mess and hard work.


Year 5’s artwork is on display in the hall and in their classrooms.




Year 6



During SPLAT week Year 6 researched several European countries and chose key features to paint onto ceramic tiles.  These are on display along the corridor outside the ICT suite. 

They have also been studying the artist Mark Rothko and examples of their abstract designs are on display in the school hall, along the corridor by Mr.Bevin’s office and outside their classroom.


Please feel free to walk along the corridors in Key Stage 2 to see the artwork displayed there.

We hope you enjoy seeing the results of your children’s hard work this term.



St Patricks St Maries