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Year 6

Belonging - What it means to have a Vocation


As part of our exploration of 'Ordination' and 'Vocation', Year 6 visited Father John this November, at Church, to ask questions and learn more about the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The children were fascinated to learn about the life of a priest and how Father John recognised his calling to the Priesthood. Asking many questions, the children learned about how Father John was inspired, who helped him realise his vocation and what it takes to be a priest in todays modern society.

Discussing the ceremony of 'Ordination', Father John explained the Sacrament of Holy Orders and the symbolism of items received by the would-be priest during the Mass. He recalled how precious his own Ordination was and Year 6 returned to school with a deeper understanding of 'Vocation' and 'Ordination' and a greater appreciation of Father John and all that he does for our parish community.

Vocation and Ordination

Our Current Topic in Come and See is Community


We have been looking at Sources - exploring different types of books and we are now considering how important the Bible is to Christians. We have discussed how the Bible is divided into two sections and how each part reflects a different element of Christianity. The New Testament helps us learn more about Jesus and his life, teaching us how to be kind, thoughtful and considerate members of our Community.

St Patricks St Maries