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Year 5


This term we will be studying the three themes of Local Church (Community), Eucharist (Relating) and Lent/Easter (Giving). We will approach the themes through the following topics.


Mission – We will be thinking about continuing Jesus’ mission in our diocese (ecumenism).

At home, the children might like to explore the Diocesan website, looking at the number of churches, and finding out about our Archbishop.


Memorial Sacrifice – We will be learning about the Eucharist as the living memorial of Christ’s sacrifice.

At home, the children might enjoy looking through family photographs to help them remember important events and special people in their lives. You might discuss how your family come together for special celebrations.


Sacrifice – We will be focusing on how Lent is a time of aligning with the sacrifice made by Jesus.

As a family, you might like to talk about how people often practice self-control and self-giving during the season of Lent. For example, deciding to give up biscuits or cakes and donating the money to a charity.

You might like to provide your child with an opportunity to take part in The Stations of the Cross. r child should be able to explain how the school is focusing on Lent and self-giving.

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