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Sport Skills Academy

Sport Skills Academy


As part of the PE Premium Grant that has been introduced by the Government, we decided at St Patricks that we would like to invest in providing a programme for the children in our school which would help them benefit from healthy exercise, active learning and competition. Sports Skills Academy provide "quality coaching and training in a multitude of sports alongside a number of workshops to ensure each individual reaches their full potential and develop skills for life through a wide range of cultural, social and educational (curricular) topics"


The enrichment day consists of both physical and theory lead learning and makes links to the National Curriculum in both PE and Science. The children are given the opportunity to develop their sporting skills through a variety of sports including; football, tag rugby, handball and hockey. From participating in a range of activities, we hope to encourage team spirit, a positive and enjoyable experience alongside providing opportunities for all to achieve an enhanced social life. At St Patrick's, we aim to instil in all children the understanding that being a sportsman/woman involves so much more than just ability.  smiley

Year 3G Health, Fitness and Hockey Workshop

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